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Driving Growth Delivering Yield

Innovative FinTech for eCommerce sellers. Industry-leading yield for stakeholders.

Ecommerce Sellers

About Us

The Company is headquartered in Denver, CO and does business in all 50 States.

An Innovative FinTech Company

We Deliver a unique financing alternative to eCommerce sellers while also delivering above market risk adjusted yields to accredited investors

Experienced Team

Founded by a team with extensive backgrounds in investment banking, eCommerce, financial analysis, and accounting

E-Commerce Market At A Glance

E-Commerce in 2022 accounted for $905 Billion Dollars

This number was 28.1% higher than 2020
Amazon accounts for 37% of all online sales activity
There are 9.7 million individual sellers on Amazon
Analysts expect 22.8% growth in 2023
Financing small and growing businesses is antiquated

The Challenge For E-Commerce Sellers

The Vast Majority of growing eCommerce sellers face significant challenges in financing their operations as they scale

The speed of Ecommerce means missed opportunities are very costly  

Most Ecommerce reseller are unsophisticated in finance  

Angle Investors, VC’s or Equity Partners Dilute ownership 

Conventional Debt is Often unavailable or too time consuming to secure 

Alternate financing such as Merchant Cash Advance are too expensive 

About Us

The Blistering Brands Thesis


More Inventory

eCommerce sellers need more & more inventory to grow, without products to sell, no incremental revenue can be generated

Credit Risk

Blistering Brands eliminates credit risk of exposure to small, quickly growing eCommerce sellers.

Traditional Debt

Companies need a solution that doesn’t require traditional debt qualification & approval, but also avoids dilution from traditional financing.

Security Interest

Blistering Brands perfects a security interest in the form or a UCC-1 filing and owns all the inventory until it's sold.

2000 S Colorado Blvd. Tower One, Suite 2000, Denver, CO 80222.



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