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Blistering Brands II

Our current offering launched in April 2022. The fund was developed with the insights gained from years of success since pioneering this solution. Some of the attributes of the launch were developed with historical data combined with investor appetite. The offering characteristics

  • This is a secured debt offering with inventory and cash as collateral
  • This is offered under SEC REG D 506(c)
  • Open to Accredited Investors only
  • Valid in ALL 50 States
  • Offering up to $20,000,000

Offering Highlights

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These notes are issued pursuant to the terms that are uniform to all investors. This offering is open to Accredited Investor only that are valid United States citizens

Fixed Annual Yield

Minimum Investment

Including Inventory & Cash Flows

With the ability to roll/renew

To the Investors

Traditional, SEP, and ROTH IRAs. 401k from Prior Employer, Retired TSP Plans, and 403b’s.

2022 Pro-Forma Financial Highlights

Ecommerce sector

Our History

Blistering Brands pioneered this eCommerce growth solution in 2017 and began its first closed-end private equity fund. The fund distributed returns annually and redeemed units in December 2021 amongst members. This was “Blistering Brands I.”

01. 26.2% Annual Returns
02. Average 6x annual turns of inventory during cash cycle

2000 S Colorado Blvd.        

BLDG 1 – 2000                   

Denver, CO 80222